The Super Bowl is this Sunday, February 2. Are you hosting or attending a watch party? We put a spin on meals and activities so you can enjoy the game while being healthy.

Light Up the Grill

Assembling kabobs is simple, and easy to prepare in advance, giving you more game watching time. Combine lean meats like chicken, shrimp and fish with your favorite veggies.

Try tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers to make a colorful combination in this chicken-vegetable kabob recipe.

If you’re craving a burger, use 93 percent lean beef or ground turkey. Swap cheese for slices of avocado, tomatoes and onions. Watching calories and carbohydrates? Try a lettuce wrap instead of a burger bun.

Try this tasty lettuce-wrapped burger. You won’t miss the bun!

Get Creative with Appetizers

Serve lighter options with big flavor like lightly battered chicken wings, fresh veggie platters with hummus or yogurt-based dips, and side salads. To help with portion control, use smaller plates.

Try this black bean and corn salad. It’s full of fiber and will spice things up.

Be Smart About Alcohol

Avoid drinking on an empty stomach by pairing drinks with food. Keep drinks to one or two servings of light beer or wine. With Super Bowl parties often spanning an entire day, don’t forget to drink water. Staying hydrated can help prevent dehydration and ensure that you’re feeling great for work on Monday.

Try flavored sparkling water with strawberries or orange slices to help with hydration.

Add Activity to Your Game Watching Plan

Grab a ball for a game of catch or challenge kids to a football kicking contest. A little physical activity can burn some of the calories from the food and drinks you consume and make you feel less sluggish during and after the game.

Try getting up during commercial breaks and take a stretch or standing break.

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