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Ghiamdasht Medical Polyclinic

Ghiamdasht Medical Polyclinic is a Private Medical Centre that has been working since the year 2005 under the licensee of the ministry of health and medical education.
(No.: S / 8 / 17936 / 2483)

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Established in 2005, the Ghiamdasht Medical Polyclinic is the largest 24/7 private medical center of the area, dedicated to providing the best, personalized healthcare with a breadth of medical expertise in all specialties.


Dr. Ali Zabandan, CEO

Dr. Ali Zabandan, the physician in Family Medicine, is a graduate of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He started to set up the ” Ghiamdasht Medical Polyclinic ” since the year 2005 in collaboration with a number of his dedicated colleagues. They manage the day to day running of the clinic and develop plans for its future development. They ensure that the Clinic delivers exceptional quality of care.